Wha’ ‘appen? N’ah no Manners?*

*Wha’ ‘appen?  N’ah no Manners? = What’s up…don’t you have any manners?We know that civility and politeness, where politics are concerned, seem to have gone the way of the Dodo Bird; it seems like decent behaviour is extinct.  I think I’ve seen more evidence of this since the 2008 Presidential elections than ever before — or at least that’s when it seems some people lost their damn minds at the very thought of ‘that one’ taking over the White House.  So, what about plain ol’ manners in every day circumstances?  Is it too much for people to be civil with one another?  Now, even as I ask this I admit that when it comes to politics, there are plenty of times I wish President Obama would escort politeness out the door and turn into a one-man gangsta beat-down squad…but that’s another story…

Doors held open, offering a seat to the sick/physically challenged/elderly/just plain tired on subways, and saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ seem to be too much to ask or hope for these days.  How about simply being able to sit in a restaurant without having someone screaming in a cell phone and refuse to tone it down even when asked nicely by other patrons?  And I won’t even get into civil discussion online; has anyone looked at the posts, regardless of the topic, on Yahoo threads?   Lawdhamercy!  It’s a no-credit course in all things ignorant and stoopid, and a full-credit course that should be titled ‘Bigoted Commentary 101‘.

And what about folks who think it’s just fine to offer up unsolicited commentary?  Example:  In a lingerie store a couple of days ago I was speaking to a sales associate who explained what merchandise I could purchase with a limited gift card I received from that retailer.  I picked up a bra and hip-huggers only to have some woman on line disengage the filter that should have been on her mouth by stating that ‘hip-huggers are nasty and slutty’ and that ‘no decent woman would wear them’.  Huh?

*My thought came with a thick Jamaican accent:  “Look’a here, moose woman…Who de rass asked you? *

My question is when and why did things devolve to the point that not having manners and being mean and borderline belligerent become the new ‘normal’?  Do folks have to be ‘put in their place’ in order to realise that being nasty toward others usually will get a nasty response in return?  Confession:  I wasn’t working on some high spiritual plane that day so I gave that woman a snarky response that I felt was meant to put an ill-mannered wilderbeast in her place.  If I had been operating as a better version of myself I may have simply smiled at her and told her that I hope her day gets better…OK, yeah, right — I’m human, damnit and I sometimes feel like an unprovoked attack deserves a verbal beat down.  Sue me.

That stated, I’m curious about what people are doing in this age of dark clouds and a national mood of misery to feel better.  Drinking and taking drugs are not an option here (and I have a whole lot of thoughts on the subject of constantly popping pills to feel better about any and everything that goes wrong — but that’s another topic for another post).  What’s on your mind and what do you do?  Scream when you think nobody is within earshot?  Talk smack to your spouse/significant other/friends/pets?  Take a stroll down to City Hall and hold up signs stating that you’re mad as hell?  Soak in a tub and beg Calgon bubbles to take you away to any place but here?   Share!