Leave Serena Alone

I can’t say that I’m the biggest follower of tennis but I’ve been a fan of the Williams sisters since they boldly entered the world of professional tennis.  I’ve watched them grow up and handle (nearly) all of the passive-aggressive treatment and bad-mouthing from other players with grace and cool tempers.  Personally, I don’t think I’d have been able to last as long as they have without having at least the thought of bitch-slapping some folks for their rude and hateful comments.Once again, folks can’t stop themselves from ensuring that Serena Williams faces yet more criticism — this time it’s about a picture (really done as an avatar wearing sexy underwear) that she posted on Twitter and removed rather promptly.  It is being said that she’s bringing more trouble and attention to herself while proving herself to be hypocritical.  Why?   Because she shouldn’t be parading around in sexy clothing considering that she recently complained about a man stalking her.

Um….what’s the problem?  What does one thing have to do with the other?

I’m not asking that question naively; wearing skimpy or even outlandishly different clothing (or lack thereof) is bound to have an effect on anyone who is looking.  However, are we really going back to an age where if a woman is harassed then it’s her fault because of what she is wearing?  All the blame goes to the women and the men doing the stalking have no responsibility?

OK, so she posed in sexy undies.  I can’t say that I’d be in public posing in my drawz but, considering we’re not yet past the age of video hos, sex tapes to gain reality show contracts, and stage performers who strut around wearing nothing but pasties and dental floss, as far as displays go, Serena’s displays rank well above the others in terms of sass and class.

Whether folks like it or not, Ms. Williams is not ashamed of her body and folks should get used to seeing her powerful black booty  body on the court.  When her counterparts pose in far less, are they criticised in the same way?  NO.  Leave the dame alone and get over it already!

The Women’s Tennis Association announced that they’re launching a “Strong Is Beautiful” campaign; who better than Serena, with her powerful moves and fearless attitude, to show just how beautiful strength can be?  Whether you like her taste in clothing, on or off the court, there is no denying that simply by changing the face of tennis — and sticking with it, that she has a strength many don’t have and never will.