The Will of the People

Do The Right Thing‘ isn’t just the name of an old Spike Lee movie; it’s a strong sentiment and a wish directed from the American people toward their elected officials.Recent polls strongly suggest that the majority of Americans believe slicing ‘entitlements’ (i.e., Social Security and Medicaid) that form the basis of financial support for many citizens is a wrong move towards getting America’s budget deficit under control.   Many also don’t believe that the very people who spent the nation into the toilet should have a say in setting the policies that pull the country away from financial ruin.

Um, yeah…Whatever.  Who the hell listens to the American people anyway?  Clearly not many in office.  I guess I’m wrong in expecting elected officials to understand what a mandate and a representative government looks like.

Giving in to a bunch of people who think that they are excluded from paying for the basic services used by all Americans is most certainly NOT the will of the people.  *Sigh*…I guess this nationwide heatwave has fried the brains and scorched away whatever sense of decency, fairness and compromise remained in Washington.  No surprise there!