A Hungry Mob Is An Angry Mob*

Them belly full but we hungry… A hungry mob is an angry mob

          ~  *Bob Marley, ‘Them Belly Full’

Powerful words – and they’re something that those at the top of the socio-political pyramid should think about.  Personally, I am waiting for the day when those who don’t have ‘a full belly’, i.e., the poor and ever-declining middle-class, finally become truly angry.  History shows us that it is only when those who are denied everything by those who have everything become angry, that true change will take place.  And when that change comes, in the long-run, it will benefit everyone.

Every day, people are tricked into believing that if a person is poor, homeless, economically disadvantaged, or just struggling to make ends meet, etc. it must be because of something s/he did.   Are we really so unbelievably dumbed-down and batshit crazy from endless hours of brainwashing administered by Fox/Fake News unaware of what’s going on that we honestly believe that 95% of the people on this planet are lazy and unmotivated?  Why do I say 95%?  Because 5% of the people have more wealth than the other 95% combined.  Let me be clear: the problem isn’t wealth — it is the means used to acquire it and wrangle it from the national Treasury that I have a problem with.

The public is fed a daily diet of stories about how lowering taxes for the wealthy ‘job creators’ eight friggin’ years of G. Dubya Bush and all the tax breaks in the world and those muhfuggahs didn’t create one damn (net) job while they looted the Treasury will stimulate the economy.  We are also told that we have the best of everything here because the majority in Congress has blocked every move the President has tried to make as though nobody has noticed that the US has slipping in everything from education to major manufacturing (wow, we still build shit here?!?) to medical care (with our rabid insurance companies deciding who should live and who should die).

What’s interesting is that, comparatively speaking, we aren’t seeing anywhere near the same amount of attention paid to the workers in places like Wisconsin and New Jersey who are still fighting, daily, to protect the rights of workers to collectively bargain.  Nor are we shown the protests — like the recent one against Wall Street’s institutions for what they’ve done to the economy at large and the mess they’ve created for families worldwide.  We also don’t get a steady diet of stories about people battling against a corrupt system that is trying to change election districts and impose voting requirements that will bring the nation back to the days of Jim Crow and it is quite clear that all of too many voters and politicians alike miss those ‘glory days’…bastards.

The activities that are going on as the result of everything that has happened to affect us all will surely lead this nation to its own fork in the road.  If long-term changes aren’t made to the political system in a way such that the voices of everyday people are heard, the hungry will most surely become angry…And so they should.


Angry Mob drawing by Peter Clark