This Week in Government Silliness…

Talk about being silly, inept and incapable of being forward-thinking throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Just WHAT is it that government officials are trying to accomplish?

Elected officials on both sides of the aisle claim that they want to reduce spending and make government more efficient though there are a few mental midgets who seem to think eliminating government altogether is the best approach…that is, until their teet-sucking states are in desperate need of farm subsidies and emergency relief funds.  The government needs money to pay its debts, salaries for its workers and to keep infrastructure from crumbling — and the only way to provide resources to do those things is by either cutting expenses or raising revenueswhich comes in the form of income taxes…and the GOP has already ruled out tax increases on millionaires because they’ve been so hard at work being “job creators”…HAHAHA!!!).

So, what silliness are they up to now?  They want to drastically cut the budget for the General Accountability Office (GAO).  Why is this a big deal?  Because it’s the agency that SAVES the government money.  The GAO’s role is to serve as the government’s auditor; they’re our watch dog except with the nonsensical proposed cuts to their budget they’d go from being a fierce Pit Bull to a harmless Chihuahua.  They weed out waste and inefficiency but they need money and resources to do their job.  This agency saved the government $43 billion in 2009 and could save billions more (about $200 billion at last tally) if Congress the ULTIMATE dead weight team would actively work on their cost-savings measures proposed by the GAO.

The GAO’s proposed 2012 budget is roughly $557 million…so it seems that they’ve paid for themselves by finding billions in wasteful spending.  *Sigh*

How many people in Congress EVER pay attention?!?  Really??