The Occupation of Wall Street – and Starting A Movement of ‘The 99%’

I’m loving Occupy Wall Street.  It is described as a people-powered movement for people who want to express discontent for the current political and economic environment and I really don’t care what this movement is called as long as I see a little democracy in action, something we don’t get to see when all of the economic pain is shared and the profits are privatised.

This is a quick shout-out in support of the march in New York City.  Make no mistake about it; this is a movement that can pick up speed and grow across the nation (and other nations that are suffering from RGBT – Relentless Greed and Backwards Thinking – among its ‘leaders’).  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this spreads far and wide…

People shouldn’t have to protest in order to make their concerns about economic disparity, the huge gap in wealth levels between the declining middle class and the upper 1%, real health care reform and corporate lobbyist influence over the political system — but the way things are in our current system warrants marching, protesting and making our voices heard.

WE ARE THE 99%!   

WE are the people who contribute to building this nation every day but we are not part of the 1% who control the wealth and set the policies that determine the course this nation takes….for now.

The resistance continues!!

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