Yes, the ‘Occupiers’ DO Know What They Want…

The media often portrays the Occupy Wall Street movement as one with no coherent message. Of course, as with nearly everything else, we should all consider the source — especially since mainstream media gave up on real reporting and resorted to talking heads bleating their corporate overlords’ opinions, cast as ‘research’ and ‘investigative journalism’, ages ago.

As usual, they’re not listening and, for that matter, if they paid attention to the over-arching message, maybe they’d realise that they can’t find one complaint because, unfortunately, there are WAY too many things to legitimately complain about.  WAKE UP!!

DC Douglas‘ video has my ‘girl crush’, Elizabeth Warren, doing what she always does: speaking truth to power.  If the powers that be STILL don’t understand by now why people are upset I’m talking to YOU, Eric Cantor, Herman Cain, John Boehner!!, there is no hope that they ever will — and the solution to their lack of comprehension and compassion is to get them out of office as quickly as possible.