So…Got Nothing Better To Do?

With so many national issues in desperate need of attention, why is so much time being spent trying to undo any and all prior steps made toward progress?

Point for discussion:  women’s reproductive rights.  With high unemployment levels, a crumbling national infrastructure, a barely growing economy and a banking system that is still in need of regulatory reform it seems like we as a nation have our hands quite full.  It’s unfortunate that with all of those things on our collective plate, some still find time to create a ruckus in matters that  are unresolvable and, for that matter, really don’t concern them.

Why hasn’t the crop of Republican leaders decided that there are more pressing issues to which they can direct their attention than what a woman does with her very own, fully- equipped-from-birth uterus?  What’s it to you, GOP?  

Once again, in a stunning display that shows more concern for the unborn than for fully-formed women, Republicans in Congress passed a bill called the ‘Protect Life Act’.  That name is rather ironic because, should it become law, health care workers will be able to refuse to perform abortions even when the procedure is deemed medically necessary to save a woman’s life.   Hypocrisy.  The bill also aims to prevent federal dollars from being used in health care plans that cover abortions.  That means women will be forbidden from buying private insurance plans — at least when purchased through state systems — that include coverage for abortion.

So let me get this straight:  the party that claims to believe that government shouldn’t intrude in people’s private lives believes that a grown-arsed woman should not be allowed to make decisions about her own body.  And that same party of ‘less government’ believes government should intervene where private insurance plans are concerned?  Oh…OK.

But I still don’t get it.  Why does it seem that the very same folks who are hell bent on stripping a woman of her right to make her own choices are the very same people who support limiting access to birth control?  They also seem to be the same people who are on the warpath to cut funding for education, daycare and child nutrition and enrichment programs.   The argument is that it’s a moral issue.  Really?  Well, on moral grounds, I don’t want my tax dollars being spent to support a biased prison system or the military industrial complex.  How about that?

*Hand smacking forehead*  Ohactually, I DO get it.  It’s not about imposing religious values or controlling women.  It’s all about the fetus!  But, then again, once born, the GOP has no use for kids until they’re ready for active military duty.