We Got Plenty of Nothin’

I got plenty of nothing

And nothing’s plenty for me

I got no car – got no mule

I got no misery


Folks with plenty of plenty

They’ve got a lock on the door

Afraid somebody’s gonna rob ’em

While they’re out making more – what for?

~”I Got Plenty Of Nothing” from the musical Porgy and Bess.  Lyrics by Ira Gershwin.

The US Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate declined last month.  Can I get a ‘WHOOP WHOOP’!!  Party over here!

Don’t get me wrong; any decrease in the number of people who are unemployed is a good thing.  It means that more people are back at work but I won’t mention that they’re often getting jobs that barely provide a living wage.  Thanks, job creators!.   It also means that the nation becomes that much less likely to fall into the ever-waiting grip of a double-dip recession.  So why is it that, simultaneously, the number of people living in ‘extreme poverty’ has sharply increased?  What’s going on?  Or, better yet, what’s going wrong?

To be clear, extreme poverty is defined as $22,300 per year for a family of four.  HUH?!?  WTLF!?   FOUR people — and if we’re talking about areas like the tri-state New York region where we pay a heavy tax just to scratch our arses and breathe then we are definitely not talking about enough money to thrive on because it’s barely enough to survive on.  The number changes somewhat if assistance provided by the federal government is factored in for things like the luxury of  food.  **Shhh!!  Keep quiet!  Some people don’t like it when we talk about government interfering by providing assistance — unless you’re a bank!**

What will it take to move the economy forward other than a swift kick in Congress’ arse to pass the American Jobs Bill?Maybe Congress will step up — after all, Congress is comprised of representatives for “(We) the people” so maybe they’ll do something for the people but wait, we know that corporations are people too!.  Oh, that’s right…the people in Congress?  THEY have jobs.