Invading Iran: Just Another Stimulus of the Package

When pretty much every reliable source tells you not to do something and you – you being the two most powerful people in the country – consider doing it anyway, one may immediately presume something is wrong with you

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his once arch nemesis, now sidekick and right-hand man, Secretary of Defense Ehud Barak, have managed to leak their plan to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran.  This drunk-with-power tag team are seriously considering acting against the advice of every top military and intelligence agency in Israel, as well as America and other foreign powers.  The former head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, recently remarked (this is my raw translation of the Hebrew): “The idea to attack Iran is simply idiotic”.  In my eyes, Dagan is one guy you do not want to mess with and definitely cannot ignore.  It’s simply criminal not to listen to these people.  Don’t Bibi & Barak understand the meaning of INTELLIGENCE agency?  These institutions are staffed with intelligent people who gather information, collect data and assess risks in order to make their jobs easier.

I for one, as an Israeli citizen, am a bit ashamed.  At least when George W. Bush was making the second dumbest decision of his life, i.e. the Iraq invasion, (in case you were wondering the first was his decision to run for president) he had an entire administration supporting him.  F***ing morons.  In this case, Bibi & Barak have everyone against them and they’re still, as they put it, “strongly weighing the military option”.  I shouldn’t be so surprised; if the the biggest superpower in the world, once upon a time in the year 2001, elected a man who thought that giving people with money even more money would end poverty, then a little country like Israel might also make the same mistake and elect a dumb-ass.  But this is not the case, Netanyahu & Barak may be a lot of things, but they aren’t stupid.

If we look back circa forty years, we would see a young Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu in uniform.  Both served in one of the highest, top secret, black ops military units in the IDF (Israel Defense Force).  Ehud Barak, who was in fact Netanyahu’s officer, led one of the unit’s few publicly known missions.  I don’t know how many of my readers have seen Steven Spielberg’s Munich.  The film follows a young Mossad agent (portrayed by Eric Bana) who leads a mission to hunt and kill all of the members who were connected to the murder of the eleven Israeli competitors in the 1972 Munich Olympics.  Although Spielberg did not care too much for historical accuracy in the making of this picture, there is one scene that reenacts a well-known (among Israelis) military operation.  Operation Spring Youth was a highly covert, complex mission that collaborated between Barak’s unit and the Mossad; this mission was planned and carried out by Ehud Barak, a young, smart, creative highly motivated officer.  Barak, along with only a handful of other soldiers from the unit, infiltrated deep into Lebanese territory dressed as women – prostitutes.  They concealed hand grenades in their bras and hand guns in their miniskirts.  At this point in the film, an actor –  dressed as a cheap hooker approaches the Bana character and introduces himself as Ehud Barak.  With their clever disguises they were able to sneak up close enough to their targets and take them out by surprise.  The mission was a success.

This historical fact constantly makes me wonder: What the hell happened to those guys?  I have drawn some conclusions after much contemplation.  I personally also served in the IDF special forces, through which I glimpsed into this covert unit where soldiers are trained to work in small teams. Although the unit, at times, works in groups, they are trained to deal with the worst situations imaginable on their own.  As missions become more and more complex each individual may find himself dealing with a difficult situation.

During my military service, I was placed in charge of a few operations in which a wrong decision would have been fatal.  I must say that once a person makes the correct decision, one’s ego has a way of ballooning.  I know…men…we’re idiots.  In this case, I believe that both Netanyahu’s and Barak’s egos have become so inflated that their blood has stopped flowing to the one place it needs to be at this time: the brain.  Instead, it is streaming in another direction.  The opposite direction.

I’m sure it must feel good – walking around all day, feeling light headed, with a lot of weight between your legs.  Like all men who develop big egos, they become downright cocky.  The possible Iranian invasion is basically one more thing they feel they have to prove — not to the Israeli people or to the world, but to themselves.  And why?  Just because they can? This is yet another ego boost for them…one that might leave a big stain — not only on Netanyahu and Barak’s pants, but on the entire country.