Another Reality Show?

Whatever happened to the days when a person could turn on the telly and find a good situation comedy, drama or variety show? Isn’t life full of enough to keep things interesting without having to be a voyeur into someone else’s self-created drama? And, for that matter, if we want to come face to face with drama isn’t there enough of it contained within the constant battle to reshape and redirect the nation without having to add more silliness to the mix? Case in point: we are now going to be subjected to the ultimate reality show: Donald Trump is back. WHY can’t he just GO AWAY?

How screwed up dysfunctional is our political system and media when the likes of an ex presidential candidate who was never serious about running for office because he’d have to release his REAL financial information becomes the person to whom all other GOP clowns candidates must bow and kiss his arse ring?  Is this what politics has become? Is it not bad enough that we have to be subjected to these losers candidates debating at all — but now we have to see The Donald behaving as though he should be taken seriously his opinion matters to anyone other than people who like seeing a sleeping animal atop someone’s head?

Oh, GOP…*sigh*…you have sunk SO low.  By agreeing to have Trump moderate the next debate, you have taken away anything that remotely resembles being serious about this country, our problems and finding real solutions. You have now reached the point of no return.

Whatever ‘grand’ was ever in that ‘Grand Old Party’ is now a thing of the past. You’re now the ultimate reality show…but the problem is that you have given the nation the opposite of what you claim to want to do: give voters a real choice.

What a not funny joke.