The Right To Vote

Once again, what’s old is new again. Haven’t we as a nation been down this road before?  Why aren’t we tired of repeating the same old stuff; at this point in our nation’s history, shouldn’t we be moving forward and not looking backward to the days of dusty confederates and dirty tricks all the way up to the voting booth?

Saturday, December 10, 2011, is the United Nations Human Rights Day. A march has been organised to gather concerned people together for the purpose of protecting one of the most fundamental rights a democracy can have: the right to vote. Why is a march even necessary? Because, as noted in a revealing report recently issued by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University’s School of Law, targeted legislation has been introduced — state by state over the past year — that aims to systematically undermine the right of all citizens to vote. Two-thirds of state legislatures have had legislation introduced that threatens our democratic and human rights.

One might think (or hope?) that we’re learning and growing but with every passing day there is more evidence that events such as this march are needed to remind us that hard-won victories are not carved in stone. The powers that be are not giving up their quest to stomp or beat and pepper spray the down-trodden to the ground (while adding to the ranks of those who lose their basic rights). What this means is that those of us who wish to see a level playing field, where all of our voices can be heard, cannot give up at this crucial time.


For more information go to Stand For Freedom. Get involved; keep in mind that infringement on voter rights, voting machines without a paper trail, redistricting and voter apathy took us down the road to EIGHT YEARS of former President George W. Bush.