Mississippi Yearning

Many of those ‘vacation with us in the Gulf Coast‘ commercials have been airing lately. Perhaps those ads are appearing so frequently at this time of the year because many people are on a holiday break; after all, what better time to think about a prospective vacation than when currently enjoying one?

The ads are part of a big push to bring in crowds to enjoy all the Gulf Coast offers. The ads’ sponsor, British Petroleum (BP), notes on their website that they’re “working to foster economic restoration throughout the Gulf Coast, with special emphasis on two of the region’s most impacted industries: tourism and seafood”.  That’s niceand so they should; their role in causing damage to both tourism and seafood in Mississippi, Louisiana and the rest of that region has been well documented.

So why would Republicans start gearing up for (yet another) fight against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?  One would think that in light of the environmentally damaging oil spill last year from with the entire Gulf Coast is still recovering, any action towards ensuring clean air and safe water would be supported. Unfortunately, not so; the Republicans are not convinced that we need protection from arsenic and mercury in our air and water supplies so they’re pushing for a law that will tie the EPA’s hands. Their goal is to ensure that the EPA doesn’t have the ability to limit mercury pollution. *Rolling my eyes…*

Republicans claim that there are already too many regulations and that they serve no purpose but to harm businesses and curb job growth. Apparently, any study citing that protection of the environment leads not only to better overall health for area residents that seems like common sense but, these days, common sense isn’t all that common has no credibility where the Party of NO (improvement) is concerned — but neither does any study citing job growth as industries retrofit their environmentally damaging outdated machinery.

Citizens need to speak up about this; shouldn’t this be a simple issue? Must the resistance of big business to change with the times and do what’s right always be supported by the GOP? Health be damned, it’s about whatever the corporations want.

Whatever happened to the party of conservation? From where I’m sitting, they seem to be missing in action.