With Friends Like These

…who needs enemies?  I’m betting that is what Mitt Romney is thinking. In addition to his prior (and completely unforgivable) blunder of unleashing the Hounds of Hell Sarah Palin and her family on the country, John McCain is on the ‘Support Mitt‘ tour.  Or is he? Normally, it would be a good thing to have a senior statesman from one’s own party in your corner, right? Well, yes — but I’m betting that Mitt’s not too thrilled with John’s lackluster support.

Within a 24-hour period and at two separate events McCain flubbed his lines and, in the process, gave Mitt Romney a good screwing over reason to cringe. At the first event, McCain stated that “President Obama will turn this country around” — much to Mitt’s eternal horror and Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley’s surprise.  Not much later and at another campaign stop, Mr. McCain said about Mr. Romney, “I guarantee you he will not lead from behind like Ronald Reagan. He will lead from in front”.


*GIGGLE!!…Payback’s a bitch!*  Payback and karma in full effect. Looks like Mr. McCain is long on memory despite his fumbling, blumbling veneer and, in his own Freudian way, has decided to, um, ‘help’ Mitt…in the way Mitt wanted to help him when he was running for President against Barack Obama in 2008.

Republicans surely do know how to hold a grudge, don’t they?




Thanks for the cartoon by Harry Deshpande!