Ron Paul is Trailing in Republican Primaries…Should We Be Happy?

Ron Paul represents the extreme right libertine section of the Republican Party. Even the Tea Party movement appears moderate in comparison to the movements that represent this section.

This section is not exactly homogenous as one would think and it would help to take a quick look at the composition of these lunatics.

The following ideologies are the ones that deserve (*sic*) a special mention:

(1) Religious zealots such as Christian Identity: who among other things believe that non-Caucasian people have no souls. These people tend to believe in the coming apocalypse and race war. Charles Masson was an adherent to this philosophy.

(2) People who subscribe to the myth about the purity and free nature of Anglo-Saxon political institutions. This category typical covers people who believe in federal-government-is-a-conspiracy.

(3) Right-wing-militia made up of people who believe that they are highly individualistic when in reality they are just plain anti-social misfits. These people strongly believe that cowboys are the answer to the every problem that this country faces. One notable organization in this category is Patriot movement.

I would suggest Aryan Cowboys: White Supremacists and the Search for a New Frontier, 1970-2000 by Evelyn A. Schlatter for an in depth study of this extremist right.

Now let us do a quick recap of Ron Paul:

  • Ron Paul believes in white supremacy and impending race war. We know this because of the controversial letters from the past.
  • Ron Paul is a religious extremist who, in the past, has claimed that separation between church and state is false and dangerous. He has touted the endorsement of Reverend Phillip Kayser who advocates death penalty for gays.
  • Ron Paul believes that federal government is a big conspiracy.
  • Ron Paul in the past has openly endorsed the right wing militia movements.

It should be perfectly clear from this discussion why Ron Paul would get a standing ovation from these extreme-right-wing-lunatics.

Let us now come back to the original question. Ron Paul is trailing in Republican primaries, should we be happy?

I do not think so.

The fact that Ron Paul is trailing is not a surprise. We know that majority of Americans, fortunately, do not subscribe to his views. However, this is why it is extremely worrisome that his support seems to be growing. How can this person, who at the best, attracted only fringe votes in the previous years, suddenly spike up to double-digit performance? What is it that makes 20% of the Republicans think that Ron Paul is the solution to their problem?

We should all be worried. It is obvious that people are falling for his hollow libertine philosophy that intends to take the world back into the dark ages.


You decide: