American Politics: Political Myopia At Its Best

Turn on the television, read the Twitter stream, and listen to the firestorm erupting from political debates. Republican candidates are focused on topics such as birth control and the definition of marriage. Mud is being slung and fingers are figuratively being jabbed at each other’s chests. Each is claiming he will be the savior for this great nation. The candidates are also doing an excellent job dodging questions on their wealth, their marital indiscretions, and more. Maybe they are out of touch, but this isn’t what most of the citizens want the candidates to focus on this election year.

Let me assist the Republican campaigns:

  • Marriage equality is coming to a state near you. Good luck changing the course of the inevitable.
  • There is no need to continue to discuss birth control. We deserve full access. End of discussion.
  • As for the moral and ethical questions regarding the candidates, well, I leave that up to others to decide in the voting booth.

Move on to more critical world and domestic issues. Please.

What is most disheartening to me at this critical time is that each Republican candidate suffers from myopia. Something terrifying is brewing in Europe and the Middle East and what are we discussing in the United States?

Birth control and who is allowed to get married in this country.

Yup, that’s right. This is what each Republican candidate is frothing at the mouth, waiting to discuss in debates and interviews. The candidates want to weigh in on what they think President Obama should have done and how he should handle issues such as these.

Move on.

Discuss something that is more important than who pays for the monthly prescription so many women fill each month and get out of the way of people getting married.

Oh, I don’t know…something like this might be a bit more critical.

In case you are wondering what you just watched, that is a video of Iranian workers inserting the first Iranian-made nuclear fuel rod into a reactor in north Tehran, which was overseen by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran is now boasting there have been two major steps in progress towards accomplishing nuclear fuel production.

If that isn’t enough to get the attention of Republican candidates, to sway discussion in another direction, there is more. The European Union recently placed sanctions on Iran for their continuing effort in the nuclear arena. Now, as a result of the sanctions, Iran has halted oil exports to the Netherlands, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, and Greece. The sactions and now the halt on oil have many fearing this could escalate to military action.

Tell me, Republican candidates, how you would handle this as president. Now that I am interested in listening to in a debate.
Kelly is a writer, photographer, social media consultant, and teacher. She is all over the internet, including her blog, Naked Girl in a Dress.