R or D?

R” or “D“?

After all of the primaries, debates and caucuses are over, in November the nation’s registered voters will pull a lever or toss their vote away if it’s via Diebold machines and it comes down to this: vote Republican or vote Democrat.

Much of the time, I don’t care for categories and classifications because, while they have practical applications, they often don’t take nuances into consideration. For example, I strongly dislike wasting resources, I’m a big proponent of conservation and I believe in carefully managing the purse strings — no spending just because funds happen to be available. By some people’s definition, that would qualify me to be a Republican.


Sorry, I had to stop.

The very thought of being a part of today’s Republican party made me vomit question what the party has done to earn the majority of votes that would be needed to win.  I know that politics can be rough because most of us want what we want when we want it — but the deciding factor in politics is often money maturity. And it’s that factor that will determine whether we separate those who are out of touch from those who are  just plain out of one’s mind a conduit for mean-spirited divisiveness taking the nation backwards.

Maybe at some point the “R” party had those values, but today? No. Look at the leaders and various objectives:

  • Mitch McConnell thinks we’re a nation of people who are just on the brink of being part of the “haves”. Really?
  • Eric Cantor does his usual slithering tap dancing whenever he’s confronted with questions about how the majority (67%) of Americans — that is both parties — agree that reducing the federal deficit by raising taxes on millionaires is both sensible and fair.
  • John Boehner has conjured up visions of a war on religion. He was temporarily silenced during the payroll tax cut extension but, unfortunately, he’ll find something else to bleat about.
  • Rick Santorum spends his days and nights thinking about stuff that’s none of his business; most women like to keep their uterus private and there is no same-sex couple out there that is as interested in Rick’s sex life and marriage as he is in theirs.
  • Mitt Romney is trying to avoid his past. Hopefully Detroit won’t let him forget that he was willing to let the auto industry, and those supported by it, tank into oblivion (#VultureAlert).
  • Newt Gingrich looks like toast right now so he’s not worth commenting on. *Whew*
  • Someone else is running for President; that name and his opinions will come to me soon…

Clean water, clean air, food safety, reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act to limit Wall Street‘s excesses…well, those aren’t on the R agenda. I suppose I should be glad that they’re no longer talking (outwardly) about assigning voting rights solely to property owners or rolling back child labour laws.

Right now it looks like the “R” doesn’t mean Republican; it means “Reverse“.

I’d rather move forward so I’ll Drive forward. I’ll go with “D“.