Beats Me

Call me crazy.  Call me sleep deprived.  Call me whatever you want.  Words don’t matter, right?

Fact:  Every 2 minutes someone is sexually assaulted in the United States.

As the idolized previous victim of domestic violence, S&M crazed Rihanna, said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones.”  She prefers whips and chains.  They excite her.  She also, apparently, has chosen to utilize the abusive relationship she has to continue to sell records.  Seems to me, and millions of others around the world, she overlooks being beaten, and is going to allow her assailant back into her life by producing music videos together.  That isn’t classic behavior.  Nah.

Like Whitney, she must have really good people advising her.  Too soon?  Those close to the family gave Whitney’s grieving daughter a sedative to calm her down after she had been drinking.  ”They didn’t know what to do.”

How about, “Don’t make the same mistake twice.”  I don’t know, just a thought.

In the past week, after learning of headlines about famous pop stars’ idiotic decision making, I’ve been informed of 3 instances of sexual assault, domestic violence, and abuse.  One man currently has to post two million dollars bail for beating his girlfriend.  I  had to accompany one survivor of assault to a police station to report the crime.

Word to the wise: fashionista tights and that adorably cute skirt you chose in the morning fills you with shame while filling out reports with your friend who has been attacked.  I made a joke of that fact as I sat with the female officer who gathered all the necessary information.  I make jokes when I’m afraid.

I also like to ask questions.  Why does such behavior continue?   Why is it so frequent and pervasive?  Is it the vicious cycle of abuse?  Does it have nothing to do with the silent message sent to millions of fans that it is understandable to take back someone who beat you with his fists?

Billboard posted a letter in response as the madness in the press ensued and the singers defended themselves and their “art.”  Again, call me crazy, but I don’t consider fear, tears, and bruises artistic.

Fame is a responsibility given to many who are unable to handle it.  Their affect is wide reaching, and many times their imperfections are what make them lovable.  I could care less about these “artist’s” lives, since they seem so careless about their effect on others’.  I do care though, about reducing the instances of rape, sexual assault, and abuse around the world.  For the fact that such a heinous crime is excused by an influential woman, or any human for that matter, I am disgusted, appalled, and full of pity.  And there is nothing funny about that.  Well except when I feel it about myself.  Then it is just comedic genius!



Christine can be found performing in and around New York City as she publicly humiliates herself by way of stand-up to make things a bit more magical in the world.




Photo credit: Silenced, by Sonyuk