Empowering Women

It’s March. It’s National Women’s History Month. This year, the theme is women’s empowerment.  It’s rather appropriate given that so much of the national discussion involves women’s rights, women’s bodies and the War on Women.

This advertisement was prominently featured in last Sunday’s New York Times; the writer’s thank you letter to Rush Limbaugh clearly notes that the women of America are fully prepared to stand up and “crush the Republican party.”

Great! It couldn’t happen at a better time in this nation’s history to a more deserving group.

I’m a big believer in people having the freedom to express what they want and, thankfully, the US Constitution provides for that right. I’m also thankful that, because of freedoms afforded to women in this country, we have choices.

Women in this country are powerful; we get to call out silliness each and every time someone or some group attempts to impose their will upon us. We get to exercise our choices based upon what is in our best interests. Unfortunately, women all over the world don’t have the same rights and privileges that we do — so we owe it to ourselves to make ourselves heard.

Today is Super Tuesday; Republican primaries and caucuses are being held in seven and three states, respectively.  A total of 416 delegates are at stake — that’s over 18% of the total. Today is also the day that President Obama held a (much needed) press conference. Among other topics, one question that reporters asked was why the President chose to get involved by calling the Georgetown University Law student whom Rush Limbaugh chose to insult for her views. Characteristically, the President mentioned that people shouldn’t be attacked for their views. When thinking about Rush’s vitriol, Mr. Obama thought of his daughters and how he’d want them treated: with civility. He then went on to mention that women are capable of making up their own minds about who’s advancing issues important to them.

As a woman, I agree: strong and smart women know who is in our corner. And we’re empowered enough to support those who support us.