I’m Pro-Choice, Not Pro-Abortion

Ok.  I am confused.

Why are women’s reproductive rights suddenly at the center of national debate this election year?

I mean, it’s been over 40 years since all this has been established, yes?

Forgive me, I wasn’t born yet when the Roe vs Wade verdict came down, and I wasn’t around when women began having access to contraceptives that didn’t involve going without sex.

But thanks to the Republicans vying for the presidential candidacy, suddenly abortion laws and women’s health rights are being blazoned all over the media.

And that means it’s been all over social media too.

My facebook has blown up with conservative “friends” blasting all kinds of videos and photos and horribly skewed “facts” and Bible verses about not killing babies.

Most of this propaganda is using the age-old scare tactic of “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

My students are reading The Crucible right now and we have been discussing this idea in relation to the Salem witch trials, but we have also been comparing it to more contemporary issues.

Abortion is one of the hottest issues right now.

People tend to be passionate about anything that involves claims of “killing babies.”

Just like the people on Facebook, many of my students asked the question, “so you would kill a baby?”



That is not what being “Pro-Choice” is.

But that is what people think. If you are Pro-Life, you want zero abortions.  If you are Pro-Choice, you want everyone to have abortions.

You’re either with us, or against us.

There is no gray area.

But there is.

Being Pro-Choice recognizes that.

Roe vs Wade recognized that.  Thirty-nine damn years ago.

I’ve gone through a LOT to have the two boys I have now.  Including two miscarriages and issues getting and staying pregnant.

I feel pretty confident saying I would never have an abortion that wasn’t medically necessary for my survival.

But it’s not up to me to tell YOU what you should be able to do.

And guess what?  It’s not up to you to tell me that if I was going to DIE due to pregnancy, I shouldn’t be able to choose to live…and get rid of the pregnancy.  You wouldn’t argue with me getting rid of a cyst or tumor, would you?  If a pregnancy is going to take my life away and leave my husband and sons without me, why wouldn’t I get rid of that too?

I wish no one had to make the decision to have an abortion.

I wish unplanned pregnancies and dangerous pregnancies and complications didn’t ever happen.

I wish rape and incest didn’t happen.

I wish all babies conceived grew into healthy babies with no abnormalities or severe genetic disorders.

But they do.

And shouldn’t people have the choice of how they want to deal with those situations?

Didn’t we already decide more than five years before I was even born that YES, women SHOULD have that choice?

So why…WHY…is this back up for debate?

How about we concentrate on getting people working again…so that they can feed the children they have?


Thanks to the Columbus Dispatch for the editorial cartoon.