He Won?!?

Yesterday was Super Tuesday and it turned out to be a good day for Mitt Romney — hey, a win is a win, right? So what if he’s not liked enough to be anything other than the default candidate?

One race that caught my attention had nothing to do with the Romney vs. Santorum vs. Paul vs. Newt battle. No, not just because I’m waiting for Newt’s head to explode because of the lack of attention he’s receiving big-arse whiny babies always throw tantrums when they’re ignored. The race that caught my eye was the contest for an Ohio congressional seat; ‘Joe the Plumber’, aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, ran and won the congressional primaries.




The right to vote is crucial to a functioning democracy. That’s a given. In case you’re not aware, over the past two years the Republican party has introduced voter ID laws in many states that have restricted access for many citizens. While I fully acknowledge and enjoy the fact that one hallmark of democracy is that voters can choose whomever they wish to represent them, as an aside I’d like to know when there will be a sanity and rationale test.

Voting is often a popularity contest but it’s not funny because it has ramifications. Not just for those casting votes for a particular candidate but for those who will be forever impacted by the winner. In some cases it goes beyond picking a popular ‘mean girl’ for a leadership position (*side-eye to YOU, Sarah Palin…*); it can be borderline dangerous to place people in positions of responsibility when those people aren’t even intellectually curious enough to learn what they’re responsible for.

When did we get to the point that we started respecting stupid in this country? Picking someone who doesn’t have their best interests at heart is bad enough — choosing someone who doesn’t even know what an issue is needs to stop.  Running on a platform of disengagement and hate does not help this nation move forward.

Side note: I’ll never forgive Senator John McCain for unleashing the hounds of hell on the nation.