Conservatives Hate Amnesty, Most of the Time

Tax Day is rapidly approaching. I have envelopes of receipts a mile high and expense sheets a mile long to prove it. I take the art of penny pinching to new heights. Still, at the end of the day, the very end of that day, I file and pay. But apparently if you have boat loads of dough stashed offshore, you can relax. The Internal Revenue Service won’t be gunning for you. Instead, they will wait for you to voluntarily come to them without the inconvenience of a deadline hanging over your head.

I won’t bore you with the highbrow fiscal verbiage. Suffice it to say that the IRS is launching a third voluntary disclosure program; the hope being that filers will eventually come forward should they suspect that stuffing their overseas accounts with cash has run afoul of the law. Let me ask you a question. If you were named Mitt – not Romney per se just Mitt – and you had the slightest notion that you were cheating the IRS, would you fess up? Let’s take that a step further. Would you voluntarily cop to your indiscretions knowing full well you could totally get away with it by keeping your lips zipped?

Now I could be horribly off base here but I’m guessing that you won’t hear much about this from conservatives. Why? Because this amounts to something that hard core right wingers and Tea Party types get apoplectic about – amnesty. This is tax amnesty. Not only is this tax amnesty, this is the worst kind of amnesty – period. The immigration amnesty debate is really a mixture of class warfare and racism. It’s a more privileged group of people telling a much less privileged group of people that the tiny sliver of hope they think they have, you know, that little thing called the American Dream, isn’t for them. Because they are them. Tax amnesty is also class warfare. It’s a more privileged group of people sticking their collective middle finger up at the rest of us saying, “Not only do we have more money than you will ever hope to see, we can keep it, all of it, without penalty. Thanks Uncle Sam. You’re the best.”

Taxation without representation. This has been a political battle cry for centuries. Its meaning has never seemed so literal. The rest of us, the 99% of us, face taxation without representation – from both sides of the aisle. And from the IRS as well. Thanks Uncle Sam. Thanks a million.


Image: Swiss Bank Account by Bill Day, Cagle Cartoons