Yet Another Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Dearest Mitt,

You’ve been having some problems with the ladies lately, haven’t you? Your current favorability rating among us is 14 points lower than the President’s. You tell us we need to work, even if we can’t afford childcare costs, yet you say we should stay at home to rear our children. You were pro-choice back when it was cool but now it’s hip to be anti-abortion.

Mitt, you try to relate to those of us in the middle-class by appealing to our home-spun sensibilities and alleged middle-American values. However, most of us don’t know NASCAR or football team owners, nor do we own multiple Cadillacs to keep at our multiple homes. Sadly, in our only home we have only three vehicles that were all purchased used. You’ll be happy to hear that one of them is a Mustang GT convertible though!

Let’s get back to the ladies…oh, Mitt. To paraphrase my favorite Doctor, you’re Mr. Thick Thickety Thickface from Thicktown, Thickania!  You just don’t get it. You trot out your wife on the campaign trail, saying she gives you advice on women’s issues. You claim that we women are most concerned about the economy based on what Ann’s told you.

You silly goose! Of course we’re concerned about the economy. We’re also concerned about the constant eroding of our reproductive rights. We want our health insurance to pay for the birth control of our choosing. Even if we never choose to have an abortion, the majority of women want to keep it legal. We’re not concerned about the whole “Stay-at-Home Mom versus Working Mom” debate. Frankly, we don’t care. As mothers, we want what’s best for our children regardless of our status within our own homes.

I will say that the Missus is out of touch. I know Hilary Rosen’s remarks touched a nerve that thrilled Ann to pieces but Ms. Rosen was right. Both of you are Baby Boomer products of a privileged upbringing. Both of you are my parents’ ages. Mitt, while you were supporting the Viet Nam war during one of your student deferments, my father fought it. My mother stayed at home to raise me while Dad was overseas. And now they’re retired, living on fixed incomes and watching their pennies…something you nor Ann will ever have to worry about.

Luckily Ann was able to stay at home with your five boys while they were growing up in the 1970s. During that same time my mother had to enter the workforce to help make ends meet. We didn’t have the luxury of money like your family did, Mitt.

Speaking of Viet Nam…never once have I heard you or Ann talk about the military and its effects on the family. As the wife of a retired Navy petty officer and the daughter of a Marine, will you try to cut the benefits my husband spent 20 years fighting for like Tricare Prime, access to the base exchanges and commissaries, and his pension? I know your website states all sorts of neat facts about how you supported the Massachusetts National Guard but given your wishy-washy ways, we can’t count on your past record to support your future endeavors. Will Ann ever meet with and support military families and veterans like Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are doing or will she ignore them? Because the homefront needs just as much support as our soldiers and sailors do.

Mitt, I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. I just hope you never make it to the White House and will do whatever I can, legally, to ensure that never happens.