Good Grief, Mitt, What Planet Are You From?

As election day draws closer, here’s something to consider. Rightfully so, we’ve pounced on Mitt Romney’s character (or lack thereof); his inability to remember the Lord of the Flies style bullying incident in which he was the ringleader; the fact that he’s incredibly phony and boring; and his Etch-A-Sketching being indicative of his unquenchable thirst for power — but what about this: What if he truly believes what he says?

Forming a hypothetical statement is ultimately about being able to draw conclusions based on empirical evidence. A hypothesis is about beliefs — and when choosing leaders it is important to understand their belief system because what they believe is what they act upon, and what they act upon has consequences. As the GOP nominee, consideration needs to be given to Mitt’s beliefs — where he stands on and what he states about every issue. Case in point? Mitt’s belief about the ongoing JP Morgan Chase trading losses:

“This was a loss to shareholders and owners of JP Morgan and that’s the way America works. Some people experienced a loss in this case because of a bad decision. By the way, there was someone who made a gain.”

That’s what Mitt believes; that’s the way things work. So what if the system has been gamed so that it doesn’t work for everyone?

Was Mitt’s assessment of this market-dragging trading debacle that continues to lessen the value of millions of people’s retirement funds along the lines of, ‘Responsibility is needed so that the banking industry doesn’t tank the global economy‘?   No.

Or was it just a rationalisation approach, such as ‘Hey, despite the riskiness of the bets they placed, at least they used their own money’? Somewhat.

But, as it has been with other statements, Mitt reveals that it’s not about widespread damage that impacts many people who don’t know the rules; to Mitt, this is a game with winners and losers.

I’m not concerned about the poor.” They’re losers.

I like being able to fire peopleThey’re losers.

“I would not rush to pass new legislation or new regulation…This is in the normal course of business..” Bankers? They’re winners.

Here we are watching JP Morgan Chase’s losses grow larger, and we’re still a couple of months away from enacting the Volcker Rule that will help to minimise they damage the too big to fail banks can do — and Mitt states that he’s still opposed to necessary regulation.

What if Romney is not shape-shifting and flipping his positions solely to please whatever his current audience thinks but, rather, he’s (d)evolved into a person whose privileged position allows him to think that the way he sees things is the way they actually are and should be? What if he really thinks that being the POTUS means unlimited power and, therefore, he doesn’t have to give a rat’s arse any consideration to 99% of America’s citizens and how we’re impacted by the decisions handed down as edicts on stone tablets from Mount Mitt Olympus? It’s clear that if you’re not part of his world, then you’re on ‘Planet Loser‘.

Other than giving sweeping platitudes, Mitt Romney doesn’t share much detail about what his plans are if he were to win — but what he has shared, such as privatisation of Social Security and dismantling Medicare, is enough to make an informed decision. We hear  broad statements about how he wants to ‘get the country back on track’ and ‘grow business’ and ‘fix the economy’ but nothing concrete about how he’d do some good. When casting your vote, along with those factors, think about his beliefs — and then consider Romney’s willingness to move backwards and, simultaneously, treat people as though we should be divided into winners and losers.