Quid pro Quo (or is it Quid pro Ho?)

“Quid pro Quo” is defined as “This for That” or “Something for Something.” So…is that what’s behind Mitt Romney’s association with Donald “still-on-that-birther-bullshit” Trump? What does Mitt hope to obtain from this dubious alliance — votes? Mitt, you are already your party’s “Rominee,” (or is that ‘R-Money,’ my Republican homie?) and everyone knows extreme, fringe issues like Birtherism aren’t likely to garner independent or undecided votes in the general election.

So what is the deal with being a shill for votes? Why double-down and hop into bed with the likes of Trump? My questioning is purely rhetorical. I have stated my belief, but it bears repeating: Mitt Romney is a vote-whore. He sees nothing wrong with selling his dignity, self-respect and sense of moral decency in exchange for political support (financial and influential) and ultimately, votes. Why should it surprise anyone that he has opted to play the “Chump”– I mean “Trump card”?


Mitt Romney has said (and many in his party agree) that he can accept someone’s support while not agreeing with his or her beliefs. Oh really now? Is that why he didn’t take a strong stand against that bloated (g)ASS bag, Rush Limbaugh, during the whole Sandra Fluke controversy? Who do Mitt Romney and the Republican Party think they are fooling? Those guys want to dispense with controversial topics and talk about getting back to the “issues important to the American people” only when they are too embarrassed by the words or deeds of one of their party’s major players. It’s “the politics of distraction” only when it’s a Republican who is in the hot seat. Mitt believes that guilt by association applies solely to Democrats and, by extension, President Obama. Of course, as with so many, many other things, Mitt is just plain WRONG!

John McCain may be to blame for elevating Sarah Palin to her current political Rock(y) Star status but, at least when he faced constituents who held and expressed false assumptions about then-candidate Obama’s national origin, he did not hesitate to refute them. McCain was man enough to nip that “I heard he’s an A-rab” crap in the bud. Mitt Romney, in his desperate quest for the presidency, just can’t seem to do the same. To me, that is a damn shame.

Art-itorial by Barbara Broido. Visit Barbara’s Doodle Blog for more of her art, design work and socio-political commentary.