Now The President’s Social Security Number is Under Attack. Who’s Next, The Family Dog?

A good chunk of my work day is spent managing social media. I scroll through Twitter feeds looking to engage in conversations. It’s fun. It’s also pretty sad. As much as I love Twitter, it really can be the Land of the Stupid. From misspelling of the word “The” to just plain old asinine chatter, Twitter is not a place for the faint of heart. Sometimes, it’s really not a place for folks with a modicum of intelligence.

Take yesterday for instance. I was doing a search on the topic of Social Security. You know, that benefit Ron Paul hates but leverages all the same. Anyway, right off the bat I noticed something very odd. Social Security was the topic of my Twitter search but the financial product itself wasn’t the focus of most 140 character or fewer missives. I could write about the absurd subject matter but I’m not sure if you would believe me or not, which is why I’m going the screen shot route:

Even though the tweets were issued by the always reliable Drudge Report and some douche named Mancow, I thought I’d do a little digging. After all, if this were true or at the very least credible, it would merit national attention.

I went to the following online publications, more than a few of a decidedly conservative bent: Marketwatch, CNN, USAToday, MSNBC, and even the NY Post; and none of them ran this story. This was encouraging. It gave me a tiny glimmer of hope that apart from the wingnuts of the Right, maybe, just maybe, the remainder of the 2012 election season will be free from Birtherism.