Seamus the Dog, Tax Controversies, and Magic Underwear – Why None of it Matters

In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado midnight movie tragedy, I’m going to make this brief. After all, sometimes there are more important things in the world than politics. Of course, I have no doubt that this nightmare will turn political in the coming days but for now, for today, I’ll forego my usual Friday column and leave you with this one paragraph from an article I was working on last night:

I often have a hard time with titles. It’s tough to summarize an article or opinion piece in a one-liner. But on this day, I think this title pretty much sums it up. We liberals and folks in the media are really having a fun time with Mitt Romney’s many gaffes. The dog on the roof, the theory that Mitt paid no taxes in 2009, his love of firing people, the Etch-a-Sketch; the hits just keep on coming. But ultimately, the laugh may be at the expense of the Left.

The outcome of the November election will have nothing to do with puppy parenting or 1040 shadiness. It will have everything to do with the fact that about half the country detests the President and hates the state of the economy. If it were discovered that Mitt Romney received a giant tax refund, was BFF to Saddam Hussein or conspired to kick Snoopy out of his house, it would have no negative impact on his chances to win the White House. This is something that liberals, Democrats, and the Administration must all realize.

Yep, I think that just about says it all.