July 29, 2012…Ending the Week

We began the week with that horrible deja vu feeling; first we said, “Enough is enough” with the Aurora, Colorado shootings, and then we ended up questioning whether we are asking the right questions. Do we ever know what really is in or out of our control when we look at the aftermath of violence, whether the episodes take place domestically or overseas? Are we so desensitised to violence as the result of pervasive media coverage, our culture and ongoing wars that we end up being easily distracted by the next item that makes it into the 24/7 news cycle?

Perhaps so.

Or maybe, when terrible events strike, as a matter of self-preservation, we seek things at which we can laugh. Sorry, but for this week, that would be Mitt Romney. Uh-oh…. After a week of madness and mayhem, who knew that we’d be able to count on Mitt Romney and Fox News to provide us with gaffes and laughs?

Let’s face it, after seeing people’s inhumanity toward one another, disease and illness that doesn’t receive proper medical funding, discrimination and poverty, it’s only natural to seek distractions. Of course, we’d prefer if those distractions didn’t arrive in the form of a world-leader-wannabe.

Sometimes, we have a need to put aside thoughts about corporate fraud, inequality, and financial malfeasance — just so we can spend a little time thinking about things that bond us together more than the things that separate us.

So, for now, Im going to sit back and watch more Olympics 2012 events for a while. I can get back to poking holes in GOP points later.

Go team!