Game Change: I’m Smelling a Sequel

 So the pick is Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand’s not so secret lover and author of the budget that would gut several important social programs. I can’t say I’m shocked. For conservatives, it’s a pick to rejoice over. For liberals, it’s a pick to rejoice over. But game-changer? Eh…

As far as game-changing picks go, I think Sarah Palin still has that one covered. Remember, game- changer doesn’t have to mean changing the game for the better. By picking Palin, John McCain introduced a new brand of stupid on to the political scene. It energized the conservative base and lost him the election. Four years later, Mitt “Leave My Returns Alone” Romney has attempted to duplicate the fervor that was Palin-mania by choosing Ryan to be his right hand, right wing man. And yes, conservatives will fall in love with the Romney-Ryan bromance, as long as it doesn’t get exceptionally gay. The problem with this is that it’s probably not a winning strategy.

Yes, there are conservatives who still bow at the altar of Sarah. But where exactly is Sarah now? If you know, please don’t answer. On the flipside, conservatives often cringe at the sight of John McCain. Thing is John McCain still has a job. What does any of this have to do with Paul Ryan? Simply put, exciting the conservative base is not enough to win the presidency. Alternately, exciting the liberal base is not enough to keep the Obama Administration going another four years. You have to go beyond the base.

As a liberal, I would have been genuinely worried if Romney chose Chris Christie or Marco Rubio. Those would have, in my opinion, been game-changing, game-winning picks for the GOP. Christie has a huge gut but he also has a lot of guts. Guts can easily translate into likeability and that goes a long way in modern day politics. Rubio would have been safer than Christie but he is popular in Florida and we all know Florida is the ultimate presidential game-changer, with an assist from the Supreme Court of course.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It will be even more interesting to see how the GOP Convention shapes up. Must see TV. No, it wasn’t via twitter (sad) but it wasn’t a game-changer