“Extremist”…? Define That

We’ve all heard time and time again, mostly from the folks on the fringe right, that all Muslims are bloodthirsty barbarian extremists who eat American babies for breakfast and want to impose Sharia Law on all of us and force us to bow to Mecca four times a day. Frankly, I’m tired of it. In fact, I’m seeing a parallel. I’d like to address all you wingnut folks who believe that the Muslims rioting in the Middle East about this stupid anti-Muslim piece of garbage propaganda film are simply stupid barbarians who aren’t civilized and that in order to teach them how real civilized people  behave, we should just bomb the shit out of them once and for all.

Pay attention: Certainly there are people in the Middle East are upset by this film; we’ve seen them on television. There are people who are angry because, first of all, they are in the midst of the “Arab Spring,” a rash of civil wars and uprisings in their respective countries, in which some of  their governments have been toppled and in other cases, there remains a power vacuum or only a shaky government and things are a little crazy for the ordinary people in the Middle East. Secondly, there are extremist groups like Al Qaeda and religious fanatics (mullahs) who are seeing this as an opportunity to grab power for themselves. So what do these extremists do? They pull out their propaganda. The people, some of whom are already angry and suspicious about the intentions of the United States, are being told by their extremist leaders and authority figures that this film was officially sponsored by the U.S. government, and that the United States is being called upon to wage war on Islam and all Muslims everywhere. (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a statement denying that.)

So, it’s only the crazy Muslims in the Middle East who are extremists? Let’s take another look, shall we?

Now, we’re back in America. Think for a moment about all the angry white people (who call themselves the Tea Party) right here in America. They have their own mullahs – *extremist* leaders –  in the Tea Party/GOP, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Todd Akin, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Peter King and a whole bunch of other wackos, including militant Christians like Terry Jones, the Koran-burning pastor and other quasi-religious groups like the American Family Association, the Family Research Council and, of course, to our shame, the ever-popular Westboro Baptist Church.

What have these people been telling their followers? They have been telling their Tea Party followers that our president is a socialistmarxistfascistcommunist illegal alien Muslim from Kenya who wants to take their guns away, kill their grandmas, kill all the babies and force them to marry a gay. What do these Tea Partiers do then? They burn Korans. They urinate on Taliban corpses. They show up at rallies waving their guns, their grossly misspelled placards, their Obama-as-Hitler signs and their confederate flags. They hang President Obama in effigy. They shoot abortion doctors, cut the gas lines to the house of a Democratic candidate, grotesquely murder a family’s pet cat and burn down a mosque in Joplin, Missouri. See what I’m getting at here? The Muslims in the Middle East are being fed a lot of anti-America and America-hates-Islam crap by their leaders – just as the teabaggers are being fed a lot of anti-Obama, anti-Islam crap here.

I say it’s the same thing.