Sit Down and Don’t Be Counted

I stand by what I said in my last article: the electoral process in Amerika is “democratic” only for intents and purposes, not in practice. The idea that we as voters have a “choice” is a lie the government placates us with to prevent us from getting uppity and challenging them. And if the hippies and the ineffectual flash in the pan that was Occupy are the best we can do to fight back, they’ve succeeded. These movements have changed the way we think and talk about the world we live in, but don’t mistake that for changing the world.

As far back as I can recall, every front-runner presidential candidate has been a proponent of military imperialism and thoroughly divisive economic policies, bleeding the taxpaying proletariat for all we’re worth while the smallest minority in this country-people with power-profit from that proverbial bloodshed. How fucking dumb do you have to be to think that anyone who’s perpetuating this agenda is “representing” us?

Did James just call the majority of Americans “fucking dumb?” Oh no he didn’t! Yes I did. And yes liberals, that includes you. I know from experience that the libs pride themselves on being smarter, more informed, morally superior to, and just plain cooler than those backward-thinking red-staters, but they’re caught up in the bullshit too. Your tax dollars are responsible for blowing up women and children in the Middle East and lining slave-driving CEOs’ pockets just like everybody else’s, and your material assets are all ultimately controlled by those CEOs just like everybody else’s. If you think you’re above it all, you’ve been fooled the hardest.

Anyway, there is a reason why I’m insulting my entire audience (other than for the sake of insulting them): to illustrate how futile the voting process in Amerika is, what a sham “democracy” is. Each and every one of us has been left behind from the beginning, yet we keep crawling back to the booth. Why?

Yes, I forgot to register this year. Yes, I abdicated the only table-scrap of power the powers-that-be will ever let me have, and yes, I’m whining like a baby in an attempt to rationalize it. As my step-mom admonished me, “if you don’t vote, don’t complain.”

Yet something inexplicable, something insane, happened to me on the night of November 6th: I actually became interested in the election. I joined my roommates in the living room as they gathered around the computer, watching with baited breath as the numbers came in. I was on the edge of my seat with white-knuckled suspense as the swing states see-sawed by mere fractions of a percent. I joined their collective sighs of relief each time a state announced Obama as its winner. My heart was warmed by the news that Washington, Maine, Minnesota, and my home state, Maryland, said yes to marriage equality. When the electoral college tipped the scales and gave Obama a second term, I was as pleased as anybody.

Sure, it’s another four years of military-industrial corporate oligarchy, but a military-industrial corporate oligarchy that lets women control their own bodies and non-hetero couples control their love lives is better than one that doesn’t. If that’s the best we can ask for this time around, fine.

P.S.: DC and MD both voted overwhelmingly in favor of President Obama. My vote wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference anyway. Juss sayin…