When a Hero Falls

This past Friday, The New York Times reported that anonymous sources close to famed and infamous competitive bicyclist, Lance Armstrong, say that Mr. Armstrong is considering admitting to guilt in the doping scandal which has short-circuited his career.

Lance Armstrong: When a Hero Falls.

If this is true, hasn’t Mr. Armstrong already admitted to what his accusers claim: that he used blood transfusions and banned substances to enhance his athletic performance? It seems to us that this is just what he’s done — assuming the reports are true.

In the article, Mr. Armstrong’s lawyer is quoted as saying, “He’s doing O.K. for a guy that has had his livelihood and his life torn from him, but he’s very strong.” But we don’t think that he’s had anything ripped from him. If he did really use performance enhancing substances and procedures as his accusers say, admitting this after over a decade of absolute denial absolves him of nothing at all.






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