Michelle’s Bangs…

I love Michelle Obama.  She is beautiful, worldly and inspiring.  But I don’t love her new bangs.

Michelle Obama with alternative hair styles.

Before the hate mail starts pouring in, let me say right up front that I have had bangs my entire life.  So I started thinking why do her bangs seem so wrong to me?

I have here for your consideration an assortment of hairstyles that I would like to see her consider as alternatives — and we’d like your vote, too.  My choice for her is #1, representing a modern, hip black woman at home with herself and her hair.

What I would really, really like would be a really big, beautiful, bouncy head of tight curls. If it were me, and I had the capacity to grow “textured hair,” I would have the biggest Afro I could grow. And hell yes, I’d be proud of it!

I understand from my black women friends that straightened hair is easier to deal with on a professional basis — and I understand that what style hair you choose to wear is a very personal thing. But as she is a rôle model for women of color everywhere, I still want to see Michelle set an example for our young children to be proud of what comes naturally.

This column is dedicated to my dear friend, Precious, who is 9 years old, and who wants to straighten her hair “to be beautiful.”  It breaks my heart that she feels this way, and I look to no one more than Michelle Obama to prove that beauty comes in all colors and all textures.

Please scroll way down to the comment section and vote on a potential hair style for Michelle. We’ll publish the results soon!


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