Same To You, Justice Scalia.

Did Fat Tony just give us all the bird? Well, yes and no. No, he didn’t do this publicly — as far as we know — but, yes, he’s been giving the USA the bird since 1986 when President Reagan appointed him to the Supreme Court.

Same To You, Scalia.

Justice Scalia’s latest outrage is his current attempt to declare as unconstitutional parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, specifically the parts dealing with the responsibility of the Justice Department to vet changes to voting procedures in states which have a history of denying, via tricks and gimmicks, the vote to minorities.

Apparently, Justice Scalia pretends to believe that there’s no more racism in America and that there’s no chance that African Americans will again be prevented from voting. But, of course, as the majority of Blacks vote for Democratic candidates, and because Justice Scalia applies his political litmus tests to any potential position, it makes good sense that a Republican Supreme Court Justice would take this stance — nevermind the fact that Supreme Court Justices are supposed to be impartial.

Rachel Maddow, in an interview with Jon Stewart, referred to Scalia as a “troll,” claiming that he made his remarks to create a stir. Fox News then started in on Ms. Maddow, suggesting that she’d have reacted badly if someone at Fox had called Justice Sotomayor a troll; of course, being Fox, they completely missed the fact that Sonya Sotomayor is not a troll, while Fat Tony most definitely is one.

But the best reaction to Scalia’s latest outrage, in our opinion, comes from the great civil rights pioneer, Julian Bond, who recently referred to the former as “The Rush Limbaugh of The Supreme Court.”  That about says it all.


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