We Used to Know You…

I used to know you so well...Back when you were the party of Abraham Lincoln, we knew you.

When you became the party of Dwight D. Eisenhower, we knew you.

Even when you became the party of Barry Goldwater, we knew you.

And then you became the party of Ronald Reagan….and while there was much to squirm over, we still knew you because we knew what to expect.

Now you’re the party of Eric Cantor. And John Boeher. And Mitch McConell.

You’re all destructive. And, well…your party is just like that somebody we used to know.

This week’s “Say It In Song” pick is so appropriate because it reminds us of you, someone whom we used to know.


Don’t you get that feeling after you’ve spent all that time trying to get to know someone, and then find out that person isn’t who or what you thought?