We are Boston

Even those of us who are ‘all news, all the time’ types reach a point of overload. Yesterday’s events at the Boston Marathon finish line which two bombs resulted in the death of three people, including an eight-year-old child, and countless injuries to approximately 154 people have brought together the mixed feelings of sadness, fear, anger and even exhaustion. Based on news reports, it’s clear that there isn’t much more information than there had been at the time of the double explosions.

All we know is that a person or persons set off explosions near the finish line of  a marathon that was being held on Patriots’ Day, a holiday meant to commemorate the firing of the first shot of the Revolutionary War at the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were fought near Boston in 1775. On a nice spring day during which onlookers were celebrating the achievement of family and friends who were reaching a milestone after running a grueling 26 mile race, some terrorist(s) of unknown origins saw fit to strike fear in the hearts and minds of the city and the nation. For what point and to what end? We may never know. After all, it’s a challenge at best to understand the inner workings of a destructive and sick mind.

boston-marathon-bombing-brooklyn-music-yankees-red-sox-kingOnce again Americans are coming together in the face of senseless violence. Strangers helped strangers. Competition and differences were set aside. Crowds joined together to help first responders. During its worst time in recent history, the best of the city was on display.

The investigations are underway and the city of Boston can be certain that every other American city stands behind it and offers full support. We are mourning the loss of their loved ones and we are hoping for swift capture and the full weight of the law to pour down on the perpetrators. And we’re also hoping for peace. This madness — including the conspiracy theories and unfounded vitriolic hatred — needs to stop.

This  act of violence and cowardice could have taken place in any of our cities. Right now, we are all Boston.