Bulletproof“Some will die over oil kill over land
Charge you for taxes and Blame Uncle Sam
Read you your rights and charge you for nothing
Now who’s really gangsta
And tell me who’s frontin’
Murder your sons, ravage your daughters
Here overseas and across the waters
Tanks and missiles, bombs and grenades
Inject the land with guns and aids”

This week’s “Say It In Song” post is a song by Raheem DeVaughn and Ludacris: “Bulletproof.” Given the nation’s tone, a song choice doesn’t get more appropriate than this.

President Obama spoke about racism and gun violence yesterday. He addressed the of the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial which took place in Florida — a place in which an unarmed teenager was shot to death and, somehow, the deceased ended up on trial while the state’s culture of guns and history of racism remained fully intact. Whether we are at war abroad, or whether we are war in the streets of our own communities, the events of the past week show that, no matter what, some people are under constant siege.

Peace to us all.