People Power: Jewel Kats at World’s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto

Last year, there was news of possible closure of World’s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto, Canada, in 2013 due to a lease expiration in jewel Kats 8December. Whether the lease is renewed or not, the bookstore continues to be the venue of major book events with the August 31st event a big day on the store’s events calendar.

Among many others looking forward to this event is the popular children’s books author Jewel Kats. A Toronto-based writer, Kats has given her creative talent to writing empowering books for children with disabilities. She has published five storybooks for children and makes frequent appearances on media in both US and Canada, recently being featured on the WKBW-TV.

At the World’s Biggest Bookstore event this month, Kats is signing 3 of her books, including two books for kids: Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair and Teddy Bear Princess. Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair has attracted special attention this year as it claimed the Silver medal for the Mom’s Choice Awards 2013 in the category “Children’s Picture Books: Inspirational/Motivational”.

The third book Kats is signing at the event is called DitzAbled Princess: A Comical Diary Inspired by Real Life – a series of comic strips taking a light-hearted view of her life and the characters around her. The reality-series web comic has brought to her a large following (700,000+) on the web.

Kats’ own life is a story of courage and personal power shown in living to the fullest with her physical limitations: at age 9, she received permanent injuries in a car crash. Now a “Diva on a wheelchair”, she is as lively, active, and inspiring as any celebrity. For her, the presence of pain in life is a call for healing, a stimulus for making life better for those around you and thus finding positive meaning in your own life.

Jewel Kat’s message – “You can live to the fullest, and enjoy being a Princess in every shape and form!” – is inspiration for people living with disabilities and feeling they are missing on something in life.