Oh Lord…


I like spiritual people; I can appreciate folks who use whatever means necessary to find peace and bring serenity into their lives without hurting and/or imposing upon other people.  It’s the fake religious folks, those with that ‘moral Christian soldier’ agenda who make my arse itch.The field of candidates for the office of President of the United States has widened… well, OK, we lost one applicant running for the position: Tim *YAWN* Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota – we now have Rick Perry, governor of Texas, among the other political luminaries *cough!!*  such as Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain *LOL!!* and Rick Santorum *Google ‘Santorum’ HAHAHA!!*

*Sigh*   Yep…Perry is just what America needs, that is, if we’re interested in placing another religious zealot from Texas in the White House.  … [Read more]