8 School Bus Safety Tips, Whether You Are On or Off the Bus

School is back in session so this is worth repeating: school buses scream safety. They are hard to miss. Their purpose is clear. Modern buses are reinforced to protect the children that ride on them. The Michigan State Police report that riding a bus to school is safer than walking, riding a bike, or even being driven to school in a private vehicle.… [Read more]

Gas Prices Are High. Boo F-ing Hoo

I have never driven a car. I have never had even the slightest urge to learn to drive a car. How truly un-American of me. Un-American and extremely considerate; I would be the worst driver ever to grace the front of a steering wheel. I think I would have three panic attacks trying to buckle the seat belt.… [Read more]

Waking Up: How You Can Move Away from Car Dependence (and Save Money!)

With gas prices approaching (or already at) four dollars a gallon in the United States, it looks like I’m not the only one who is finding out that car free is the way to be. Especially when prices are only expected to increase as we approach the summer travel months. Turns out that the youth are moving towards solutions rather than just complaining about gas prices.… [Read more]

If We Build It…

…They will come.

The weather on the east coast has been unseasonably warm. No, I’m not going to discuss global warming or, as the more politically correct like to call it, “climate change“. Far be it from me to inject a little bit of science (or common sense┬ábased on observations) here. I spend the majority of my time in New York City so my thoughts about warm weather often bring two things to mind as I make my way around the city: the damaging effects that the winter weather had on the roads and, as a subway rider, the fact that every imaginable odor known to man will soon be commingled and trapped in the heat of the NYC subway.… [Read more]