What’s Old Is New Again – Dusty Confederates

The Civil War is over — at least I thought it was.  Why are so many confederates and confederate wanna-bes trying to resurrect the spirit of the ‘old south’, custom fit with all of its ignorance, selective memory and hatreds that just will not go away?
Maybe it’s a recognition thing; they want to be heard.  They reminisce about their glory days and, especially in the midst of a recession, they long for the days when things were easier and they felt both feared and respected.  Well, if that’s the case, nothing says acknowledgement and recognition like getting an award.  So, towards that goal, I am beginning what I am calling the Dusty Confederate Awards;  following are my first Dusty Confederate award recipients:
  • Hayley Barbour,  Governor of Mississippi.   Perhaps you’re thinking that he’s winning simply because, well, he’s from Ol’ Miss.  Nope.  He’s given this award because he is contributing to the national tone of negativity by denying that things were ever that bad for Black folks in his state.  Why?  Because they weren’t so bad for him.  Talk about selective memory!  He’s such a dusty confederate that he’s been reminiscing with a wistful smile.  He wants to be the President in 2012; I guess telling Black folks that their incorrect recollections of segregation, beatings and all forms of social injustice is a great way to win friends and influence the cullud people!
  • Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Congresswoman and presidential hopeful.  Well, she’s not from a southern state either but, so what?  Like Barbour, she has no concept of history and engages in intellectual dishonesty (which is very different from just a difference of opinion or perception).  Her quest for ‘liberty and ‘freedom from tyranny (as though health care, taxing corporations, and women having a right to make their own reproductive choices is tyrannical is oppressive) could be considered admirable but it’s sooooo effin’ Dusty Confederate in that everything that she thinks should be changed would be at the expense of everyone who is not a Tea Party member.   How very ‘north vs. south’ of her.
  • The Texas School Board/ State Board of Education.   Texas has a LOT of clout.  Why?  Because as they have the power of the almighty dollar.  They will spend up to $1 billion for textbooks for their kindergarten through 12th grade students this year so they figure that should buy them some influence with publishers.  I am giving them the Dusty Confederate Award for rewriting history:  aside from eliminating President Obama’s name from the history books — and refusing to refer to him as the President — slavery is to be referred to as the “Atlantic Triangulation Trade” (doesn’t sound so bad, does it?).   Let’s not even get into the whole don’t-mention-that-separation-of-church-and-state thing.  Sheesh!!
  • Donald Trump, billionaire real estate mogul.  No, I’m not giving him this award because his hair-do (ok, his hair DON’T) looks like un-resuscitated roadkill on those southern highways.  The Donald is living in the manner of a dusty confederate by acting as though jumping on the ultimate bandwagon to question legitimacy, i.e., the “Birther” movement to prove that President Obama isn’t a legal U.S. citizen, is the train to ride.  Just because it’s black, Donald, doesn’t mean it’s illegitimate and it damn sure doesn’t mean that you can rewrite the history of someone’s birth just ’cause you say so.  Sit your northern Dusty Confederate arse DOWN already!
  • Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice (and noted sock puppet for Justice Antonin Scalia).  *Yawn*.  Never mind…too many reasons to list.

I could go on as there are honourary winners.  Like Charlie Sheen…why is it that when triffling white guys get drunk and out of control, the first thing they spew is the ‘N-word’?  Dusty Arse.

Who’s on your Dusty Confederate list?


  1. What I find interesting is that human behavior never essentially changes. There will always be cultural nuances and sensibilities that evolve over time or dated topical references that have a limited shelf life but at the core of it all, people have always been the same. People and how they behave follow a very consistent pattern.

    There will be the good guys and the bad guys and a few people in between trying to find their way. One or more of the biblical list of seven deadly sins; wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony can be traced to every instance of unkindness and hatred whether such an act occurred a year ago or a thousand years ago. That said how much can you influence the haters to change or is that where the effort should be invested at all?

    To my thinking, the lesser question is challenging the content of extremist views, whereas the greater debate should be invested in how to respond to them. Wrong hateful views should be promptly denounced, exposed for their lack of intellectual integrity and thereafter be ignored. Silence deprives the hater of the oxygen required to sustain the conversation. Deprive them of a platform and hateful views will readily lose their audience. Instead of asking them to change their views we should consider changing our response.

  2. Anonymous says

    "What I find interesting is that human behavior never essentially changes"

    Thats really sad because that means racism will always be there and that people of color will be the ones who will continue to have to deal with it. To be able to just hate someone based on skin color or because one feels superior or whatever dumbass reason doesnt help anyone and I simply dont understand it, but then its irrational thought accompanied by irrational feelings, that never makes sense. I hear so many people talk about how far we have come and really believe people of color are paranoid about racism. I honestly dont feel white people have the room to say that because they simply dont experience it. Its sad because all the really good white people I know get treated with paranoia and distrust because of others ignorant racist white people. Sometimes I think we are merely tolerating each other.



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