We Need to Wake Up…

I just don’t get it…it’s like a really bad movie…every day in the news there is some clip featuring a random stereotypical, toothless, back-woods bamma complaining about how the nation is being ruined.  Just what is it that they think happened to dash away all their hopes for a brilliant future?  Um..those people…  What’s even worse is when it’s working people who are in the same struggling boat making the claims about those people who are destroying the country — all while their hard-earned dollars, just like the (few) dollars held by po’ folks, are worth less than ever before.  Many of us are in the same shaky boat and need to wake up to that fact.

So, why do they get the attention?  Just who are ‘those people’?  What did they do?  What do they look like?  *Rolling my eyes* The tent is wide; it houses all kinds of those ‘others’. They are (first and foremost) the cullud people…*sigh…always the cullud people*  Then, of course, they are the illegal immigrants who are stealing our jobs.  They are those, um, inexperienced people in the White House.  Perhaps they are even the Chinese since they collapsed our economy (of course, with no help from our greedy corporate leaders who never met a cheaper work locale that they didn’t like).  While we’re at it, why not throw pregnant women under that tent — especially, according to all those recent billboards put up by those oh-so-helpful preachers, pregnant Black women with those wombs that are now considered to be the most “dangerous” place in America for a Black child.  Oh, and let’s not forget non-Christian folks — afterall they are real outsiders.  The list goes on and on as to who those people are as they trash the country.  *Rolling my eyes once again*

Nothing makes me shake my head more than seeing some Medicaid- and Social Security-collectin’ ol’ dusty-arse confederate complain about how the budget is being busted by “entitlements”.  Huh? WTH?  If you paid into the system, aren’t you entitled to get your money back when you most need it?  *Sod off if you don’t think so…*   I just don’t understand how we have reached a point where even some po’ folks believe that these “entitlements” should be scrapped.

Folks, we all need to wake up.  When the people in power and their media puppets get us to focus on those people, they are using a typical divide-and-conquer strategy.  Focusing on dumb stuff means we won’t have enough time or energy to pay attention to serious stuff.  People at the top know that no matter who is sitting in the White House or Congress, their interests will be protected; money and power can buy loads of influence.  The people at the bottom will forever be screwed because it’s easy to push around people who don’t have (or believe they don’t have) resources to fight back…so they often have no voice.  It’s the people in the middle — who are increasingly moving towards the bottom — who seem to need some convincing that many of their actions fall in line with supporting things are against their own best interests.  AND, by the way, when we start feeling low and think that those other people have it so great, think about the fact that many countries, including those we think are taking something away from those of us living here, have their own version of upper elites who take advantage of those who still have to work for a living:


Personally, I think there is a boat load of bad messaging going on;  Democrats need a really good public relations team to reframe what they say and they should stop allowing others to shape the words and views that consistently put them in a position of always having to defend what should be seen as common sense and/or compassionate thinking.  They need a clear message that there’s enough for everybody — but there are some people who think that they should have everything — and those same people believe everyone else deserves nothing.  I am in no way suggesting that people shouldn’t be held accountable and shouldn’t take responsibility for themselves BUT I also think that civil societies make allowances for life circumstances and find space for compassion for fellow members of the human race. 

Just sayin’…folks need to wake up and figure out that most of us are really in the same boat.  If we could just take time out from swiping at each other over things that don’t matter — and fighting each other over crumbs — we may actually see what is really happening.


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