Some Stereotypes Become Stereotypes For A Reason

Some folks need to get out more; perhaps hanging out in civilised company will allow manners and good social graces to rub off on them.  **Warning…mini rant…**

Case in point:  How should folks behave at a Broadway play?  My favourite Broadway buddy and I went to see Chris Rock’s new play, “The Motherf***er With The Hat”.  The theatre is small enough such that there are no ‘bad’ seats — at least until you count the seats next to the ‘comeback choir’ — you know, that group of folks who have a comeback for damn near everything that anyone says.

Announcements are made at the beginning of each performance that cell phones should be turned off and candy should be unwrapped so that the performers and other patrons are not disturbed.  Does that mean anything to some people?  Apparently not.  Talking through the entire show, doing that loud throw-your-head-back-so-folks-can-see-your-tonsils, and that knee-slapping looooong after the jokes are over seems to be norm for some folks….just like eating a tub of loud popcorn and answering the performers on stage…even though it’s clear they ain’t talkin’ to you

Y’all know who I’m talking about when I say you’re adding to every negative stereotype.  You don’t care?  Well I DO because I paid to hear a play — NOT you.  Don’t get upset when people say “They don’t know how to behave” — because some of you KNOW that you don’t.  Some of us get upset about stereotypes but, quietly, we have to admit that some stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason — but all of us in the same category/class/etc. become labelled as the result of the actions of others.  Nobody wants to be a buzz-kill and stomp on your joy but, likewise, nobody wants to strain to have to see the stage just because you arrived 45 minutes late and then blocked the aisle while you searched in the dark for your seat — and certainly nobody wants to deal with you talking on your cell phone or having conversations with folks several seats away from you during the show.  I would have expected that mess at a Tyler Perry movie (y’all KNOW it’s true and I’ve witnessed that myself!!) but not at a Broadway play.

It’s clear that some folks should try acting like a grown-assed, considerate human being for a change.



  1. JustMsMia says

    Some people will do anything to draw attention to themselves! They just don't know how to focus on anything but themselves and their poor sense of timing and lack of consideration. Now I am just wondering if that "Ry" person is going to come to the defense of said offenders in this post and say something like: "Ignorance is universal. Ill consideration knows no race" Or does he only defend one group of people? *Crickets chirping*