Weiner Is A Wanker…But He Shouldn’t Quit

How’s that for getting straight to the point?  *An alternative title was “Weiner Is A Dick” — but that would have been too easy.*  

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D – NY) has finally admitted to tweeting a ‘lewd’ picture of himself to a college student.  He gave the usual press conference (‘I’m human’…blah, blah, blah…It was destructive…yada yada yada…I accept responsibility…yeah yeah yeah).  He said he lied about sending the tweets to “protect his wife” — which I interpret to mean that he (a) was scared his wife would drop kick his silly arse to the curb and (b) could hear the sound of his political career being flushed down the toilet.   On a side note, kudos to Weiner’s wife for not appearing at his side doing that ‘I’m-standing-by-my-man’ thing that so many humiliated political wives have done over the years.

Weiner is a man who has been married for, what, a little over a year? *cough, cough, greedy muhfuggah…one chick ain’t enough, huh?* and he’s been quite clear about having aspirations for a higher political office.  With that in mind WHY couldn’t he control himself rather than allow himself to get busted for tweeting his boner to young women (he’s admitted to 6 women at last count) in cyberspace?  Side note:  Aren’t dick pics played out?  AND, to make matters worse, getting busted by the likes of Andrew Breitbart, the discredited uber-conservative who doctored a video that ended up being responsible for the firing of Shirley Sherrod of the US Dept. of Agriculture, must sting like a bee!

There’ll be an investigation — that’s fine.  There’s nothing good in any of this BUT I’m glad that he isn’t resigning.  Why?  Because I figure that acting like an arse-wipe isn’t illegal.  If it’s true that he used his personal BlackBerry and his home computer rather than taxpayer-funded equipment — then he could be put through the ringer for lack of discretion and being stupid enough to post pictures of his not-so-distinguished member of the House BUT that doesn’t mean he should resign.

If countless Republicans can cheat on their wives while preaching about family values, lie, get called out on ethics violations and never suffer any punishment then Weiner should just say his mea culpas and move on.  He should ask Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich how it’s done.  Maybe he can even get lessons from Senator David Vitter (R – LA) on how to keep his position even after it was confirmed that Vitter was a frequent client of prostitutes which, last I heard, is illegal.

Weiner should just grovel, go all out on trying to push a progressive agenda and kiss his wife’s arse for the foreseeable future.

Men.  Sheesh!!

Friggin’ idiot.



  1. JustMsMia says

    Great post. Love the title! His wife, Allah bless her, has a pretty good support system including her boss, Hillary Clinton. I too, am glad she didn't do the "pose of shame" by standing next to him at his news conference. I agree, very douchey (sp?) behavior on his part, not a resignable offense.

  2. Anonymous says

    I know this post is about Weiner and not resigning but for some reason I have a problem with Elliot Spitzer on CNN commenting on this issue. His fellow reporters acted like he did not do anything. He should dismiss himself and say next topic please. Sorry back to Weiner bottom line its not that severe to resign he did not have any physical contact with any of his followers. He's a guy and he had a guy moment.

  3. The Brooklyn Dame says

    I'm REALLY glad that his wife didn't join him on his 'walk of shame'. He dug himself into a hole with his boner so he should get out of it on his own. As for Spitzer commenting…I KNOW, RIGHT?!? I'm still angry with Spitzer for his mess; he's one of the few coherent and forceful folks who wouldn't back down on Wall Street's malfeasance so it was a shame to knocked out of the box because of his penchant for call girls. I hate it when the low agenda wins out over the higher purpose goal!

  4. also really glad his wife let him swing in the wind, so to speak. as for his resigning, i agree if what he did is not illegal, then it should have no bearing on his job, BUT…isn't it illegal to post ur wanker on a social networking site? or is it just against the site's policies? "enquiring" minds & all that…

  5. altho, perhaps the stupidity of the act should make voters think 2ce abt re-electing him.

  6. The Brooklyn Dame says

    Hi SpankyD, I think that the voters of his district should decide if they want to keep him — not the Republicans who are calling for him to leave. If he did something illegal (which plenty from the opposition party have done) then boot his arse out but, if not, he should be allowed to continue with his position. He has to abide by the rules of the social networking sites (I'd be surprised if a dude can't post his weenie online since that seems to be rampant!) but if it's his personal network it shouldn't have anything to do with his job.

    He's silly as hell, but if that were a condition worthy of losing one's seat, we wouldn't have a Congress!

  7. Mosaicmuse says

    From now on, I think that all political sex scandals will be called weinergate. I hope that will not be his legacy. And I hope that he doesn't resign.


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