Happy Father’s Day!

Image: Cliparts.co

In the U.S., it’s Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day to all of the great dads out there — the heroes who don’t receive nearly enough praise for doing a ‘job’ that only a real grown man can do! It takes nothing more than biology to create a baby but it takes work, dedication, sacrifice and love to raise a child and help turn that child into a productive human being.   Some situations are extremely difficult for men to be the type of parent that they would like to be; I’m thankful that when my own parents went their separate ways, my mother  never showed herself to be the type of woman who would want to separate her children from their father and, likewise, even when we all parted ways geographically, my Dad made it clear (as he does to this day) that he was then, and always will be, an important part of my life.To be sure, we have had our ups and downs — what relationship doesn’t?  However, the true test of being a good dad, deserving of recognition on this day (and all others in my opinion), is making your kids feel that they are wanted, special and loved — no matter what.  I’ll always love my Dad for loving me.

On this glorious Sunday morning in Brooklyn, I’ll raise my cuppa tea — and even bow my head in the spirit of thankfulness and gratitude for the man who raised me.   My hat is off to all of the dads who always made their presence felt.  I give a shout out to the dads who stayed even when they would have rather been elsewhere.  I give a smile to the women who have acted in the role of both mother and father and a special smile reserved for the single dads who are doing what many would not dare to do.  I also tip my hat to the men who stepped in and stepped up to take the place of those who wouldn’t or couldn’t handle the job.

Thanks to all of the wonderful dads for simply being who you are and doing what you do.



Thanks, Lee Hansen Graphics, for the clip art honouring dads!


  1. Anonymous says

    Excellent. As a father of three, whose own father was not the role model he should have been, I appreciate the recognition and the honesty.

  2. Your comments are as true today as they were when you wrote them. As Fathers Day 2012 fast approaches, it will again be time to honour our fathers and thank them for the way they have impacted our lives. Thanks for caring.

    • Brooklyn Dame says

      Thank you, Mr. Clarke! Yes, Father’s Day is just around the corner but I’d like to think that I show my appreciation for my Dad every day; he’s a great guy and deserves more than just one day of recognition from his kids! 🙂 All wonderful fathers deserve to be treated like they matter — many of us really do care!

      I hope that day (and others) turns out to be all you could possibly hope for.



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