Recall These Losers

Are we seriously stuck on stupid??

How is it that a nation with some intelligent people can be so stuck in the muck of its own inability to compromise, care about what happens to others and realise their impact on the rest of the world?

America is in the midst of its own self-created drama; for several months we have been talking about the impact of not raising the debt ceiling and now we’re down to the end of the noose rope.  The media has done its usual arse-backwards job of explaining that raising the debt limit being is about paying off the bills that we already have — NOT taking on new spending.   This is now a full-fledged, unjust hostage situation and even the American people who think these loony politicians actually represent us are under siege as well.  These batshit crazy thugs have raised the debt ceiling many times in the past (18 times under Ronald Reagan, 8 under Clinton and 7 times under George W. Bush) so their timing and this situation just stinks with the stench of yet more of a transfer of what remains of the wealth of the middle class. We keep moving away from anything considered remotely a move towards progress.

When I was growing up I used to hear that rich people were much worse about paying their debts than the poor.  Why?  Perhaps because poor people are intimidated into thinking that the world will come to an end if they don’t keep their obligations up to date.  Maybe it’s also because poor folks remain poor folks because, rather than looking for legal loopholes and leverage, they believe in honouring their words — and that includes their promise to pay back what they owe.

Funny enough, I don’t think that all of what is going on now is a matter of rich versus poor; it’s more of a power play from a small group of people who believe they are more entitled than others to all this nation offers.   They seem to think that no matter what others put into this nation, they’re not entitled to even the smallest piece of the American pie.  That kind of selfishness and lack of foresight can lead America to its first default in history and set off a chain of events that will keep this nation to living up to its ideals.  For those of us who witnessed the value of our homes fall and our 401Ks turn into a 101K at the beginning of this recession, that’s a frightening prospect.  I don’t know about you but I never thought I’d have to plan to work until I’m 90 and have several toes in a grave.

It’s our own fault…we put these stupid arse-wipes politicians in office.  Sign me up for any and all efforts to throw these deadbeat bums out; our focus should be turning the economy around and creating jobs but we’re wasting time on an issue that does nothing towards helping us build a future.


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