What Now?

I thought I would end up posting the very minute that the latest governmental fiasco deal was strong-armed and threatened debated into existence but, frankly, I’ve spent the last few days trying to find any upside to this latest episode.  I’m still searching and, given some of the reports that are not getting any mention in the press, maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye.  Just trying to do my part to keep hope alive!!The latest (political) hostage situation is over for now but, like a top-40 radio station, the hits just keep on rolling.

Last night, after the stock market closed (and just days after Americans were told that things will get better now that we have agreements in place from our dysfunctional leaders), America lost its ‘AAA’ rating from Standard & Poor’s (S&P), one of the credit rating agencies that run a scam business model as evidenced by their role in the housing debacle and the fact that they had to admit several hours after the downgrade that they used incorrect math calculations — they should have their business license revoked and be regulated from here until Kingdom come as they have WAY too much unbridled power.  Maybe this new turn of events means that our highly dysfunctional Congress and the ‘job creatorsuber wealthy who haven’t ‘created’ a damn thing except new and improved ways  to control everything from the Supreme Court to Congress and the lobbyists who own them can now focus on getting the 16 million unemployed citizens back to work not even meaningful work…many folks would be happy with just a check, damnit.

So…it has come to this.  Once again we must wait and see what unfolds over the next several months; maybe someone on the conservative side will remember that the Bush tax cuts are set to expire next year and the fighting will begin again.  And, perhaps, some politician on either side with some spine may decide that items other than ‘entitlements‘ should be on the table like the absolutely outrageous size of the military budget that is benefitting nobody but war mongers or, how about if they voted for a single-payer option in healthcare reform we’d already be saving money.  Then, there’s another option:  country, not political party, first…and while they’re at it maybe they could take time to realise that their ridiculously childish behaviour impacts people outside of these borders.


  1. Anonymous says

    Dame, I dont know what to say. Its as though Washington and the rich assholes they work for are making a mockery of hard working American citizens. Its scary that no one is considering the gravity of the situation. I am not political enough to argue facts. I havent been educating myself on whats going on emough.Its my fault, too busy with life expecting the grown ups in Washington to do their jobs and be responsible. We are failing.