Oh Lord…

I like spiritual people; I can appreciate folks who use whatever means necessary to find peace and bring serenity into their lives without hurting and/or imposing upon other people.  It’s the fake religious folks, those with that ‘moral Christian soldier’ agenda who make my arse itch.The field of candidates for the office of President of the United States has widened… well, OK, we lost one applicant running for the position: Tim *YAWN* Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota — we now have Rick Perry, governor of Texas, among the other political luminaries *cough!!*  such as Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain *LOL!!* and Rick Santorum *Google ‘Santorum’ HAHAHA!!*

*Sigh*   Yep…Perry is just what America needs, that is, if we’re interested in placing another religious zealot from Texas in the White House.  At least the first one had moments, regardless of his misguided decisions, where he appeared (*gasp*) likeable.   I can’t believe I’m saying this but Bush even seemed (*bigger gasp*) smarter than Perry.

With all of the real problems in this nation, preaching morality is the kind of stuff Perry wants to focus on:  more time-wasting, unresolvable, moral majority issues that many rational people would agree that the State has no business being a part of.

Perry has advocated that Texas should secede from the not-so-United States of America.  There you have it: when you don’t like the way your government is functioning, don’t try to fix it — just dismantle and pick it apart until there’s nothing left.

Why is the political climate so ripe for attracting every ‘The-Lord-made-me-run-for-President’ dimwit?  Frankly, I think the mess we’re in doesn’t need a higher power’s help to solve it; these problems are man-made and all we need are people who can put aside their massive egos and do what’s right for the entire country.  With environmental issues, a severe lack of available jobs, cuts in services (teachers, fire fighters, post offices and cops, anyone?) that help everyday people, and a national mood of fear of the future, we really don’t need a bunch of dumb and crazy-arses pandering to religious conservatives and imposing their useless and frustrated world view on those of us who are neither willing nor interested in accepting their version of fantasy island.

I won’t take him or any other candidate seriously who is up to his arse in pay-for-play systems, fear mongering and more anti- working people rhetoric.  Oh, Lord….please save us from these candidates and put forth some folks who have solutions!

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”



  1. love rick perry- a true leader(born march-1950) pisces-tiger year born(a good leader)

  2. The Brooklyn Dame says

    May I just say that's the most ridiculous comment I've ever read? Are you taking none of his radical views and his corporatist ties and backwater deals into consideration when you say that you think he's a true leader? Please tell me you're not allowed to vote.


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