Eric Cantor: SO full of…..Sympathy

It has been said that when opportunities are found, fortunes are made and/or the course of events can change.  Some people are great at finding opportunities in any given situation — and that’s not always a good thing.When I think of Eric Cantor (US Representative from Virginia and House Majority Leader), this word comes to mind:

op·por·tun·ist  (pr-tnst, -ty-)
  • A person who takes immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit
  • A person who places expediency above principle
  • A person who adapts his actions, responses, etc., to take advantage of opportunities

What’s with this guy?  Before I answer my own question, I’ll admit my bias right up front:  something is just off about him; he reminds me of those bully kids who are really nothing more than scared little punks trying to deflect attention away from themselves.  Eric, many of us know you’re a bitch and we can’t figure out why anyone would ever vote for you because you have nobody’s interests at heart other than your own.

Just when I think he can’t get any lower he sinks below even my lowest (negative) expectations of him.  What’s my problem with him (this time)?  He’s using a hurricane — a circumstance outside of anyone’s control unlike the economic meltdown caused by his corporate masters and aided/abetted by Congress — as the time to decide that more budget cuts are needed, particularly to emergency services.   Mr. “‘Heck of a job’, Brownie” agrees that now is the time to kick people when they’re down; given his response to those who were suffering as Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans during his tenure, his support for Mr. Cantor is not surprising.  Right now, Cantor’s on par with the sludge remaining from the clean-up necessitated by Hurricane Irene.

Don’t get me wrong:  I am not debating the idea that America needs to get its financial house in order.  It should; but it’s really pitiful that government (i.e., taxpayers) will end up covering the cost of rebuilding multi-million dollar beach-front homes — as private insurers won’t cover the cost of this type of damage — with no problem.  Cantor, however, takes issue with providing, without first extracting a pound of flesh, emergency relief for people who have witnessed their homes and businesses float away.  Mean-spirited bastard.

I hope the voters of his district remember him and all of his recent actions at election time.  It’s time they  stop supporting this person who, by every indication, thinks they are not worthy of being shown any consideration even in and especially during times of need.

You’re really doing your (Tea)party proud, Mr. Cantor!



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