Message Received.

What a disappointment.  Yesterday was special election day in New York City; of course, it wasn’t what is considered to be a major election but, all the same, the people were given a chance to exercise their right to vote and express what’s on their collective mind at the ballot box.  Democracy at work that is, if democracies are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers!Months ago, after a dumb-arse Twitter-fueled scandal in which it was revealed that he had a penchant for sending out pictures of his cloaked dick nether regions, Representative Anthony silly wanker Weiner resigned from Congress.  That left his territory, which covers parts of Brooklyn and Queens, up for grabs.*Big, heavy, flippin’ SIGH…*

So, what’s the word?  Well, as of last night, there’s a new guardian at the Congressional gate; his name is Bob Turner.   For your viewing (dis)pleasure:

For those who don’t know anything about him, this former television executive is the man responsible for such notable achievements as having created both the Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Springer television shows.  Geez!  Lucky us…considering those two programming masterpieces are collectively responsible for contributing to the dumbing down of America and, in Rush’s case, furthering the causes championed by assorted hate-filled bigots everywhere.

Mr. Turner’s win represents another victory for the GOP.  Congratulations!  Thanks a WHOLE lot, Weiner…do you KNOW what you did?! Apparently, when Weiner’s little head took over and made all of the decisions for his big head, Weiner exposed a lot more than just his wanker; he exposed the left to even more of the will of the right — which is now SO far right that’s it’s off a cliff.

I can’t wait to hear what the voters in that district who chose to sit out this election or, worse, showed up to support him, have to say when they realise they’ve allowed another corporatist who cares more about tax cuts for those in corporate jets than he does about making sure the country has a middle class and that Social Security and Medicare remain viable for the people who paid into the system.
Whatever.  These days, both parties look so much alike in terms of how ridiculous they are about REALLY listening to what their constituents want.  Maybe the idea of this vote, for some, was to send a message to President Obama that the economy sucks and it’s all his fault so they will not reward him by placing other Democrats in office.  Fair enough if that’s the logic…but I think that even if that is the message those voters sent, the message that the politicians received is more like ‘minimum wages, collective bargaining rights, strengthening Social Security, environmental protections, strong publicly-funded education and solid consumer protections against predator banks are unnecessary’.

*Sigh…* Here we go again…